Thursday, October 13, 2011

fearful style of creative writing

I am walking home from hunting on a cold winter day. As I am advancing I repetitively hear unknown noises. As I am tread through the snow I start to develop fear, not just regular fear but not just simple fear but the kind of that puts me in abhorrence type of fear.


  1. Dear Wesley,
    My name is Frances Judd and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in a class called EDM 310. I read several of your blog posts and it seems to me that you are a wonderful writer. Now, I must admit that I scare easily, but I was put in a state of fright after reading this post. I could envision myself walking and becoming scared just as you described it! I also really loved your water and Dr. Pepper science project. I also enjoy the shamrock background. Are you Irish?
    Good luck to you in all your studies and I hope they are delighting you!
    Frances Judd

  2. This is a scary story nice work on the story

  3. Hi Weasley,
    Allenmichael Speaking, great job in keeping me interested in this post you did a good job in captivating your audience. I can certainly think of situations in my life where I was in a position of battling fear. I would have loved it if you would have elaborated more on how it was once you realized you had defeated your fear. How was it once you over came that particular fear?